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Creative Worship Cardiff

St Paul’s is delighted to be supporting Creative Worship Cardiff, an ecumenical (ad)venture looking at creative approaches to worship. We intend to offer 3 seminars before Christmas, and more in the new year. They all begin at 7pm, and expect to run for 90 minutes, with the first half being a chance to experience the worship in question and the second a chance to discuss what we’ve done. Anyone with an interest in worship is welcome, and anyone wishing to lead a seminar would be welcomed warmly.

The first session is on Labyrinths on 7 October 2010 in St Paul’s. It’s a chance to explore 2 labyrinths, with a round-table discussion about how they can be put together and the experience of walking them. There are 12 places.

For more information do get in touch: details on the contact tab. You can also visit the Creative Worship Cardiff facebook page.